Wine Guzzling, Shoe hoarding, book loving, pole dancing pretty princess mommy. (say that 3 times fast!)

If your going to be reading all the thoughts in my head, suppose you want to know who I am. Well firstly I should warn you, Fuck is my favourite word and I am more than likely going to be dropping a hell of a lot of F-bombs in my blog. You were warned…

I get moody (I’m human) I looooove shoes, but don’t get to wear heels nearly as often as Id like. I started thsi blog in April 2013, but I have decided to revive it, and take out old things and maybe get back into the swing of things.

I enjoy a glass or bottle or two of wine from time to time (weekly) haha. Occassionally I avoid the world and get lost in a book, and other times I can immerse myself into a series. Yes, I binge watch! Its like a 4 hour movie… ha ha

Im currently starting up a new business, my previous one didnt work so well, my business partner took me for a bit of a ride. But what doesnt kill us, makes us stronger! If we dont try again, all we will end up doing is living someone elses dreams.





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