Monthly Archives: April 2013

Why Pretty Princess Mommy?

It started off as a little joke between my 4yr old son and I.

He asked me to call him black spiderman, and everytime i called him CJ, he shouted at me and told me he’s not CJ, hes black spiderman. I then turned around at dinner that night when he called me mommy, and told him, its not mommy, Its pretty princess mommy. And ever since then, when the little bugger wants something, its Puhleeeaaase Pretty princess mommy *grins*.

And then, when creating this blog, all the names were taken, and I was trying to think of a ton of nicknames, and Pretty Princess Mommy popped into my mind, and voila, after about 20 names that had already been taken, this here was the one it was going to be.

This is my 2nd blog ever. My first one was when I was going through a rough patch in my marriage and all through my divorce. Lets hope this ones a far happier blog!