It started with getting up too quickly.

That dizzy feeling. My body slowly and only slightly rocking back and forth. a slight tingling through my arms and legs. The light headedness. my skull feeling tiny pin pricks through each and every hair follicle.  Blurry eyesight slowly turns to the old black and grey T.V static, then  darkness shrouds my vision. and suddenly all sound is gone. Just darkness. How long does it last? Seconds? Minutes? Can other people see it?

My vision returns slowly, blackness around the edges, slowly fading out back to normal. first a long ringing in my ears, then sound slowly fades back in. The feeling in my arms and legs comes back. dizziness wears off, balance returns.

The black outs are getting more frequent, closer together. Losing time.
Where do I go when this happens? Why am I having black outs? My muscles ache, My eyes can barely stay open. So drained, so tired.


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