Monthly Archives: January 2015

I lost something

I lost something tonight

I think it was the flame I had for you

I realised I don’t even like you as a person

Your a liar, Your a cheat

I gained something tonight

I gained some self respect

I gained a fire in my heart

one that makes me work harder, push faster and live my dreams

the only validation I need, is within me.


Dating weirdos

Yea, so I finally went on a date.

We met on Tinder and have been chatting for about 3 weeks.

When he got there, he was dressed all skater boy. He didn’t look bad, but that’s not my style. He then preceeded to tell me that everything he is wearing is from the Chinese market. Again, great, I often do this too, but I don’t feel the need to blurt it out right after meeting someone.

His personality didn’t match his looks either. He is a gorgeous man, but it fell flat when he started talking. He seems to have no vision, He doesn’t have a lot to his name etc, Just moved back from NZ and is starting from scratch. Again, if that’s what he wants out of life, then fine. However I have worked hard to build up what I have, and I want someone who is on par with me. I’m really done with helping people build up from scratch, and I’m also done with fixing people.

He’s very into his sky diving and wanted to show me a video on his phone. Guess what? One of my pole dancing photos (which he must have seriously stalked my face book page to get) was now his background pic on his phone! eeeek! stalker alert!

He then preceded to plan the next three months of our lives together, and said he would stay at a friend who lives close to me, so that we could see each-other more!

*Alert, Alert* Run for the hills!

I dodged the goodbye kiss, and have been avoiding his messages ever since.

online dating

So my recent(ish) try with my ex husband did not work! 3 months in I remembered why I left him in the first place.

So I’ve been doing the online dating thing. I met a guy I dated for 3 months so I thought I’d try again. But some people are never gonna meet people! Some things iv encountered that need to change (in no specific order)


1. Why on earth would you put old wedding pictures up? Ur clearly not over her, delete your profile!

2. Why would you put random gifs up, and not an actual pic of yourself? Pass

3. When ur first pic doesn’t even show your face, I’m prob not even gonna go thru the rest of your pics…

4. No write up? Why not? Are you not imaginative?

5. All your pics have 3 or 4 friends in. Which one is you? Not gonna bother finding out.

Anyway, hope this helps atleast one of you…