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Weirder than dreams?

What’s weirder? Dreaming that you are having weird dreams!

It went from hearing all the family in the kitchen (my dad who lives in CT.) (An aunt who who avoid like the plague) me waking up to a dead rat on my pillow. My room totally destroyed, tvs lying on the floor etc.

Then watching geese carry their dead across the back yard. Being told the maid isn’t around and that I have to cook and clean for the family.

Walking past a murder/rapist who is convicted a few hours later.

Needless to say, I doubt il go back to sleep again. There’s work to be done today!


The glint in his eye

**Warning – this is a bit of adult fiction I put together**

I look up and see him from across the room. I stare at you, lost in thought. It’s as if time slows down.

The scar just above your left eye is sexy as hell. Your olive tanned skin, your big sexy hands making the cappuccino you are drinking seems terribly small.

I imagine it’s me sitting there with you. Imagine you are laughing at my jokes, leaning over to brush a hair off my face and tuck it behind my ear. The warmth of your hand as it brushes off my cheek. Your hand comes down and lands on my leg, lifting my dress slightly so your hand rests just above my knee. I look at you, a naughty grin. You look at me, and break into a smile. I grab your wrist and pull you with me as I walk away from the table.

Around the side of the building. You push me up against the wall. Kiss Me fiercely, your one hand holding both my hands above my head, pinned to the wall, your other hand cupping my breast.

You spin me around and press me firmly against the wall. Pulling my dress up so you can reach up into my panties. You can already feel the warmth, the sticky moisture between cotton panties and your fingers.

You briskly pull my panties to the side. Your fingers caressing me as I moan for this. Your fingers moving back and forth and I’m short of breath. Standing here, exposed. Not knowing who could walk around the corner at any time. Making the experience risky, but so damn sexy!

You slide one finger in me, I bite my lip in order not to make a sound. The orgasm is soo close. A second finger, I throw my head back with suprise. I bite into my arm as I orgasm. Squirting down my legs. You lean in and kiss my neck.

I’m weak in the knees now, breathing hard and fast. I turn to look at you and you smile as you lick your fingers and lead me back to our table, as though nothing has happened.