Monthly Archives: January 2017

A glimpse into my soul 

When I’m feeling low, sketching seems to help. I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. Picked up a sketch pad a year ago while on holiday with my little sister. Was amazed I could still draw. The last time I drew anything was probably when I was in std 6 – prob a good 15 or so years ago! 

Submitted some of my work to an online studio that sells artwork to see if it was any good. Let’s see what they say… 


Wish they knew

This should be a happy time of year. Everyone is filled with delight and a promise of a better future, bettering themselves etc. So why am I sad? 

The depression is slowly crawling in. I tell myself to stop it. People aren’t ignoring me or shutting me out. They are just so busy in their own lives, with their own families and their own plans. Maybe they think I’m out living a full and crazy life instead of sitting in at home by myself wondering how they have succeeded and I feel like iv gone back ten steps in life. 

I guess depression is silent. They won’t know I need them unless I tell them, and when you are depressed the last thing you want to do is seek people out. You wanna shit them out. Pull the covers up over your head, lock the doors, put your phone off and shut out the world. 

I’m trying not to stay here. The world is full of possibility for me too if I only just try.